【Vacancy Announcement】Call for applicants for the position of Assistant/Associate/Full Professor 11月01

【Vacancy Announcement】Call for applicants for the position of Assistant/Associate/Full Professor

SCU, H205

The Master Degree of the Human Rights Program invites applications for employment from all interested and qualified candidates for the position of Assistant/Associate/Full Professor:



All   interested and qualified candidates


Assistant/Associate/Full   Professor


November   1st , 2017


December   15th, 2017– 5:00 P.M Taipei time


Fall   2018


Position Title



Human   Rights Program


School   of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Faculty Rank

Assistant/   Associate/ Full Professor


Project   (1 year)/ Permanent

Work Status



Shihlin   District, Taipei City, Taiwan

Job Summary

The   Master Degree of the Human Rights Program (HRP) was established in 2008. It   is the only interdisciplinary human rights degree program in Taiwan. The   program aims to provide students with systematic knowledge in human rights. The   program is designed with a solid grounding in diverse substantive and methodological   approaches to the study and practice of human rights. Students learn both   theory and capabilities development from human rights scholars, activists and   experienced NGO workers, both local and global. The program is designed to   support students to gain field experience and explore the range of   opportunities available in the human rights field through internships, field   studies and workshops.

The   Master Degree of the HRP invites applicants for a(n) assistant/ associate/   full Professor position in human rights with a concentration in the following   fields beginning on August 1, 2018 :

1. Philosophy/Thought/Theory   of Human Rights

2.   International Law/Mechanism of Human Rights

3. Human   Rights Policy/Practice/Issues


The   faculty rank and contract depends on the academic performance and experience   of the applicants. The position requires taking supervisory responsibility. The   successful candidate will primarily teach courses for the MA in human rights ;   and as necessary, teach undergraduate human rights courses. The candidate   needs to demonstrate excellence in research and teaching.


Shortlisted   candidates will be invited for an interview and presentation on Jan. 26, 2018.   For best consideration, please submit application documents by December 15,   2017.

Minimum Qualifications

Ph.D., major in human rights related   issues

Documents Needed to Apply

1.            Application   Form (Download)

2.            Autobiography  
  (including your pedagogical methodology and research interests)

3.            A   Copy of your Passport

4.            A   Copy of the Certificate of your highest level   of completed education (verified)

5.            A   Copy of Graduate Transcripts (verified)

6.            List   of academic publications

7.            Course   Outline (2-3 courses)

8.            Ph.   D thesis and academic publications in recent 5 years

9.            Two   Letters of Recommendation (sealed)

Optional Documents

A   Copy of Teacher’s Certificate (Ministry of Education, Taiwan (Republic of   China))

How to Apply

Please   fill in the application form (Download), e-mail the application form to: hrp@gm.scu.edu.tw. Then, mail the hard copy of all   the required documents to:


Human Rights Program (Soochow   University)

No.70, Linxi Rd., Shilin Dist.,

Taipei City 11102,

Taiwan (R.O.C.)


(Please   note “Job Application” on the envelope)

Contact Information

Ms. Yuan-Wei Lee (Program assistant)


+886+2+28819471 ext.6951